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About the Author
Donald Gorbach

About the books

Donald Gorbach is both a published author and a real estate broker. He is believed to be the youngest real estate agent ever to sell a house at the age of twelve. In addition, Donald has published more book journals, approximately 120 titles than anyone else in the country. His newest titles, Run Joe, Run and Nothing But The Truth, not only focus on Joe Biden’s greatest achievements but also his ability, or lack thereof, to speak the truth. Thus, both books are blank inside.

In addition to the above, Donald has published two other popular books, based on real life experiences. 500 Dates and Still No Happy Ending, focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly of online dating. Everything one would expect on a date and then some. From dating nightmares to happy endings. 101 Greatest Real Estate Stories Ever Told is an agents tell all book. The stories are unbelievable, but true, and a must read for anyone in the real estate industry or thinking about becoming an agent. “It will teach you, touch you and humor you.”

Donald is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. He resides in Palm Beach Florida, where he sells luxury real estate and writes books and journals that make people smile.

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