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Run Joe, Run! Hours after being sworn in, Joe Biden, in his initial acts as the 46th President, signed 15 executive orders. Many of these would reverse the Trump administration's stance on major policies, including climate change and immigration. But it wasn't until Biden revoked a key permit for a 120 mile stretch of the keystone XL pipeline that would send the nation into a downward spiral. From the stoppage of the border wall to the horrendous pullout in Afghanistan, Joe really has shown his ability to f**k things up in everything he touched going forward. 

After extensive research, our team spent countless hours digging up all of Joe's accomplishments his first two years in office. There wasn't a topic that we've overlooked. From the "strong as hell" economy to the border wall. Drugs, education, crime, gas reserves, and student loans. we covered it all. And you know what? We Came Up Empty. We couldn't find anything that Joe accomplished, in his almost 5 decades in politics. Perhaps you, the reader, can find "things" that Joe accomplished. If so, feel free to fill in the BLANK PAGES. 


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What do you call someone who is a compulsive liar? How about our 46th President! The midterms of 2022 taught Americans a valuable lesson. They taught us that Joe Biden can do almost anything to the country, good or bad, and his fellow liberal democrats will stay loyal to him. The midterms gave Joe a referendum, whether perceived or actual. He assumes that since the "better than expected" results of the election showed that his policies must be working, he deserves a second term in office. When asked what he will change going forward, Biden replied, "Nothing." 

This book outlines all the good resons why Joe Biden deserves your vote, if in fact he even runs again. Again, after extensive research, our team came up with nothing. Truth be told, we couldn't find many truths that Joe has told, which is why THIS BOOK IS BLANK. From Joe driving a tractor trailer, to his graduating in the top half of his class, nothing could be further from the truth. Although many of his lies were nonsensical, there were certain representations that Joe made that were catastrophic or will be proven to be soon. "Inflation is transitory" turned out to be untrue, as the country is experiencing record inflation. Blaming record high gas prices on Vladimir Putin was ludicrous. Perhaps Joe's biggest tall tale was his claim that he was never involved in his son's business deals. Yet to be proven, but the proof seems overwhelming. 

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