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About the Author

Donald Gorbach spent $200,000 going on 500 dates and he has written a book about his experiences to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly of the online dating world.

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Donald  Gorbach

Donald Gorbach, wrote "No Match For Me: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Online Dating" as a comical montage of his creepy to crazy experiences, as well as crucial safety tips and things to avoid in the world of cyber amour.

During Gorbach’s three-year venture, he says he’s been handcuffed (unwillingly), robbed, had his credit card numbers stolen and was nearly thrown into the intracoastal by a husband unaware of his wife’s Internet habits.

“I dated beautiful women who turned out to be guys,” says Gorbach, who would only give his age as 50-something. “About one out of every five dates turned into a story.”

Chapters in his book include: “What’s your husband doing here?” “I think I killed your dog,” “Did you say Tony or Tanya” and “I’m dating a bank robber.”

Gorbach says that his motivation to write the book was to learn about the world of online dating that isn’t touted in the commercials. Even though some of his encounters ended in him losing his watch or wallet, he said he never contacted the police because it was embarrassing.

Everyone thinks there are so many happy endings that come about because of all of this and I really wanted to research it,” says Gorbach, who signed up for eight dating sites. “I found a lot of bad, bad stuff.”

The book includes personal stories, but also lessons learned from other unlucky online daters. It’s a comical book with a serious side. He’s recently added a “lessons learned” section.

“I wanted to do a ‘moral of the story’,” Gorbach says.

Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

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